• WEEK ONE: Team introduction and program overview (what it does, what its goals are, and how long it is expected to run)
  • WEEK TWO: Continue to meet at your school and have planned ideation workshops
  • WEEK THREE: Ideation bootcamp
  • WEEK FOUR: Last ideation and final idea


  • WEEK ONE: Weekly meeting (surveying, idea validation, market analysis)
  • WEEK TWO: Begin to build this idea or acquire supplies
  • WEEK THREE: "Go To Market" Bootcamp
  • WEEK FOUR: Team meeting


  • WEEK ONE: Discuss GTM strategy
  • WEEK TWO: "Financials" Bootcamp
  • WEEK THREE: Finish business guide format
  • WEEK FOUR: Build product


  • WEEK ONE: Talk about post program launch & practice pitch 
  • WEEK TWO: Pitch Competition on April 12th @ Hatch Fenway, 6:30-9pm