What We Do:

InnovateEDU is a semester-long venture creation competition with teams representing our partner schools: Northeastern, Emerson, Boston University, MIT, Boston College, and Babson. The goal during the semester is to start out with an idea, and iterate on that idea by talking to real-world customers and building rapid iterations of your solution.

The semester is filled with workshops to help all participants gain knowledge in startup and business techniques. Resources and mentorship will be available to all teams, and the culmination of InnovateEDU is our Demo Day: a day to show the progress that all the teams have made over the semester.

Our Objectives:

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InnovateEDU is not like your home institution venture accelerator or incubator. We are a collection of teams from many colleges and universities that work together to leverage our diverse perspectives, skillsets, and campus resources.

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    2) EDUCATE

We are committed to educating all of our students both through a series of workshops and through hands-on experience that culminates in our Demo Day.

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      3) IGNITE

InnovateEDU's end-of-semester Demo Day isn't the end of your startup journey. That event will kickstart the rest of your journey, and InnovateEDU is here to help you continue that process and leverage the resources available in Boston.


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